If you have already found the top agents in Fort Wayne and are getting ready to sell your house, there are several things that you can do to make it sell faster and to give it more appeal. Known as having quiet neighborhoods and a low cost of living, tradition is important in this city. The median age is 36; many of those who choose to live here have busy lives, commuting an average time of 21 minutes. So presenting an appealing house is quite important to the potential buyer, who may be interested in history as well as the opportunity to live close to where they work. 

Here are some tips to do before you sell your house: 

Improve its curb appeal 
Especially in a city such as Fort Wayne, traditional beauty invites interest. Add potted flowers to the porch or entryway as well as along the path. Paint the front door a bright or inviting color. By having an inviting entry to your home both inside and out you're guaranteed to impress the potential patrons looking to by your home. People say "dress to impress," and it is no different for your home!

Put excess furniture in storage, leaving the best, such as a beautiful antique, out for people who will be coming through. Being able to visualize themselves living in the home is important to a future buyer. Remember that buyers may open closets, so make them tidy if storing things inside. You certainly would not want something to fall out of a stuffed closet when the door is opened. 

Remove Family Photos 
Remove personal items, such as family photos; you want buyers to be able to visualize their living in your space. Bold artwork may also have to be removed from the walls, making your home a blank canvas. 

Plants and Flowers Invite 
Place live plants around; a bouquet of flowers does much to brighten a room and add cheer. The more pleasant a home, the more it will appeal to buyers. Be sure to check for any odors that might offend those who come to your home; you may no longer notice them. 

Hide Valuables 
You may want to lock up your valuables before you have people going through all the rooms of your home. It is a wise preparation; they can be stored offsite or at the home of a trusted relative or friend. Plus by securing your valuables it allows you a jump start for the packing and storing process of the impending move.

In addition to these tips, you will want to make sure your home is clean and in top shape. Paint walls a neutral color if you have the time. Just be sure everything is clean and presents well. To improve your chances of selling quickly, the best Realtors® in Fort Wayne will know how to market your property wisely as well as show it and answer questions from potential buyers. 

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